We are a Non-Profit team working with artists to assist them in pursuing their entertainment goals & milestones
it's our way of giving back to the music community by helping artists with advice and
getting them on stage to share their craft with others.

VEC Entertainment Group

We have been fans of the arts for many years and with this new venture and their combined efforts have had the pleasure of working with some talented people. Now with their new project VEC Entertainment Group they are excited to assist individuals in their ambition and music artistry at no cost to the artists involved. 

"Bruno"  It started off and still is a hobby in 2011 and a way to stay connected to the music world. I enjoy playing piano and its a thrill when you can actually be a part of something magic. I love writing both music and scripts and we have written, produced and performed  Catch a Break - The Musical  and the recent show Lady Day...her music, her memoirs, binging back Billie Holiday close and Personal.

"Chandra" This is something we do for the love of music, and we do it because we want to be a part of the journey. If we can help someone get started, that is how we get our satisfaction from all of this. What a natural high it is to be able to give back. 


Bruno Vecchio, Pressident and Founder

Chandra Raye, VP Operations